Federconsumatori is an NGO funded in 1988 which aims are to Inform and protect users and consumers. Federconsumatori was founded with the support of CGIL, the biggest Trade Union in Italy

Federconsumatori is widely present with its branches in all the regions of the country with which offers its service of advising and assistances to the citizens.

Federconsumatori is a federal organization organized at regional local, regional and national levels in which there is a high contribution by the base but as well as a high coordination by the central level.

Federconsumatori supports users and consumers with its long experiences and expertises and experts to inform them about their rights, updating them on the new laws and suggested actions through its website, social media, free phone numbers and traditional branches.

It’s an organization mainly run by young highly educated and old volunteers who are interested on sharing values such as solidarity and legal protection. An organization which characterized by a richness of heterogeneity which allows it to tackle the changes and perspective of a structured society such as this one in which we are living.

In fact, we live in a complex world characterized by a high presence of technology and innovation in all the sectors such as on production and service sectors, soft and hard products where every citizen should be up to date.

In this world, Federconsumatori’s challenger is to be present in those important questions of economic, social and cultural development searching new models of participation and active citizenship in terms of improving qualitatively speaking the wellbeing of the people related to their needs.


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Federconsumatori – Federazione Nazionale Consumatori e Utenti fa parte di CNCU, ECU, Consumers' Forum